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7 years and missing you the same

Menorca2005 117

(My brother, my confident, my half… Sintu RIP 15-05-2006)


When my time arrives, let me go.
Although i may have things to see and things to do
let me me go, because it is my time.

Don´t tie yourselves to me with tears,
rejoice in all the years we been together.
I have loved you so much,
and you have given me much happiness.
I give you thanks for the love everyone has shown me,
but now is time for me to travel alone.

So if you need to cry, cry a little,
but cry only for a while
and then let your grief be comforted
by the knowledge that we will meet soon.
It’s just for a moment we are apart from each other
so bless those memories in your heart.

Despite life goes on, i will not be far away,
so if you need me, call and i will come.
Although you may not see me or touch me, I will always be near
and if you listen with your heart,
you will feel all my love around you, soft and clear.

Then, when it is time for you to walk this path
this lonely road that i have to do now,
I will greet you with a smile
and i will say “welcome home”

Bedroom conversations

A- I am crazy about you, you know that, right?

S- You are just saying that because I am naked.



A- I can´t believe you have reached this point.

S- What do you mean?

A- We have been together for nearly three years.

S- Oh?

A- Yes. I am very impressed you made it this long.

S- Am I that dysfunctional?

A- Yes.

S- Well, I believe I am still a “work in progress.”

A- Still? Honey, you are going to be a “work in progress” until the day you die!


A- I am crazy about you.

S- I am not naked.


S- You are just saying that because you want me to be naked.



A- Did you whistle?

S- No.

A- Are you sure?

S- Yes.

A- You sure you didn´t whistle?

S- Yes, I am sure.

A- Will you whistle later on?

S- (…)

Summer dictionary

Things with great significance this summer. Since I am still in a lazy post vacation modus, I don´t do alphabetically… Not that is important anyway, right?

Paradise: my parents beach house that is. Being some meters from the warm sand, the waves that put me to sleep every night…

Family: no drama, no fighting – just chilling this year (thank you happy pills)

Bleach: this year my mother wins an special award for ruining just 1 pair of shorts. Honorable mention for 2 missing socks.

Gossip club: 13 minutes into the first day I know who is who, who is doing what, where, how and/or who. Rule nr. 1 is to position your beach chair strategically in the sand. Also, minimum age is 73, I think – but I got VIP gold membership at the end of our stay.

Friends: one specially, Mireia, my true and closest – can´t tell how much I love her in just a few words…

Life guard: The usually big-like-a-closet and experienced guys that come from Argentina to work the Spanish summer were replace for this cute as a button, 40 kg young  out of school boy. No need to say that he was the laughing stock every single day he walked pass the Gossip Club.

Money: I have spent a lot… No need to say more.

Sexy time: Zero; well, honestly, some 30% flying solo.

Goosebumps: nothing like bathing naked, really… Take your suit off in the water and feel. One of the best sensations ever. Not good only when one of your kids run out of the water towards the next beach and I had to walk naked a couple of hundred meters to get him. That day I got fired from the Gossip club or I got my VIP gold membership status… Still not sure.

Shameless: this show, the American one, was my real entertainment way before falling sleep. Genius!!

Movie: This year, the movie date for the girls features “Moonrise Kingdom” and pink popcorn. Super sweet and funny. Was Instagram to have a movie, it would be this one.

Rain: back in Bergen, kids are out for some days and I am alone. I feel alone. Vacation is over. I feel blue, more that the sky I long for.
The last one, but not the least one:

Mr. Incredible: He decides to buy a Volkswagen Up!, basically a backpack with wheels, and I change his name from AttentionWhore to Mr. Incredible. 4 days and I will be in his arms…

How about your summer? What words would describe it?

Closed for vacation (I think….)





Now on Twitter

Is one of those things that you either love it or hate it. At some point, being in Twitter intoxicated me, and I committed socialmedia suicide. I needed to breath, and I did breath, until I have been breathing enough -so I am ready to get intoxicated once again.

So let the stalking games begin!!/vanillanorth

Focus (mom on the phone)

– Honey, I love you, I really do, and I know you are hurting and I feel for you, but now put on your damn big-girl panties and focus. It may don’t look like, but things will get better, eventually, and right now you need to focus and move along with the world because the world ain’t stopping and waiting for you. I love you. Did I tell you that I love you? I love you.

– (Speechless)


Cat laws (from onlyoddduck)

I have found Lisa´s (our dumb cat) soulmate. Really. And even more, I have found a human (Leanne) that represents perfectly the laws cats live by – and of course, their humans…
I digg Leanne; I hope you will too :))

the cat”